Women in cyber security and How to Close the gender gap


It is no news that women in cyber security are underrepresented, there are only 11% of female in cyber security which is way behind other industries, and as the cyber industry continues to grow and evolve, the demand for experts in cyber security continue to increase which is a great opportunity for females to enter the field.


picture from girls who code as they tackle cyber security gender gap.

According to cyber security business report, there are one million cyber security jobs in 2017. If you are new to cyber security and want to start a career, here are tips you must read.

Also Here are my views on how to enable a change and excel in the cyber cyber security industry as a woman.

Education: Develop your skills

One of the reasons companies can’t find cyber security experts  both men and women is  this. There are no much professionals, and to achieve this,you need skills. The kind of skills that shows you can get the job done, be able to work methodically, and collaborate,. Ability to keep up with latest trends and vulnerabilities from the internet. You need be enthusiastic and examine technical questions effectively. Lastly, also improve technically as well. Understand that you should learn as much as you can to remain relevant in the field.

 Women in cyber security

Create Awareness

Social media is has an impact on people’s perception, the media can either reduce or increase stereotyping. Women in cyber security should promote careers available in the field to women and what they stand to enjoy. You can also declare cyber security awareness days or month and share popular series. With the rave from social media, publicize social media post that will strengthen gender stereotyping. Speak out and share our experiences on the media. Lastly, give credit to the previous generation and encourage younger generation to do better.

Be a mentor and role model

Gender stereotypes are still affecting women in tech, industry professionals both male and female should offer guidance to helping those seeking opportunity in cyber security, we should all help in developing the next generation of cyber security professionals. A recent report shows that lack of awareness for children and young adults continues to be one of the major contributors to the slow growth of interest in cyber careers, for both genders, educating and Influencing children early in their education is a key to encouraging more girls into STEM. While there are many existing and ongoing initiatives, we also need to reach and educate school children, primary, secondary and under-graduates, we need to let them know cyber security is a career that they can enjoy.


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