Spotlight on Parisa Tabriz ‘ Google’s Security Princess ‘


This spotlight focuses on the amazing ‘google security princess’ Parisa Tabriz. The Spotlight Session aims to showcase different women heroes and leaders in cyber security. Those inspiring the next generation and those doing amazing things within the industry. It cuts across the globe from Nigeria-Ghana-South Africa- Kenya-California- India-the end of the oceans.

Sit back as we describe Parisa’s work, lifestyle, skills, family, future plans, hobbies and more. What her inspiration was for starting a career in cyber security. What she does as mentor? and loads more.

Parisa Tabriz (Persian: پریسا تبریز‎‎) (born 1983) is an American computer security expert. Forbes included her in their “30 Under 30” list alongside Mack Zuckerberg (30 Tech Pioneers under the age of 30), and she now works for Google as the self-appointed “Security Princess” and head of the team responsible for Chrome Security.

Being the popular one of all browsers, one of the main priority for Google Chrome is to provide a safe browsing experience for its users. As a window to the online world, a browser is where we expose all our information, and for the same reason, it is more prone to attacks. This is where Parisa Tabriz comes into action.

Job at Google: This smart young lady is the reason why you are able to browse on Chrome securely. Tabriz and her team of 30 security engineers hack into Chrome to find out any bugs or loopholes before the cyber criminals and fix them. Her team is also responsible, for those warnings that let you know that you’re about to visit a potentially harmful site. A part of keeping Google safe is by rewarding hackers to find bugs through a bug bounty program. To date, Google has spent over $1.25 million to keep the hackers white-hatted. And it has to be this way, says Tabriz. Because hackers need to be kept on the right side.

Education: After graduating in 2007 from University of Illinois, and research in wireless networking security and attacks on privacy enhancing technologies. She joined Google just a few months after graduation. Tabriz started working at Google in 2012 as part of a small “hired hacker” team, and from then on there was no stopping for her. She was even listed in Forbes Magazine’s 30 people under 30 to watch in the technology industry.

How come she’s known as the security Princess: As one of the few women in such roles within Google. The Iranian-American titled herself ‘Security Princess’ while on a conference in Tokyo. In her words, “I thought Information Security Engineer sounded so boring. Lastly, she believed Guys in the industry all take it so seriously. So, security princess felt suitably whimsical,” she told the Telegraph in 2014.

Spotlight on Parisa Tabriz ‘ Google’s Security Princess ‘

Mentor and Speaker: Parisa enjoys mentoring and teaching younger folks interested in cyber security. As one of Google’s top hackers, she thinks like a cyber criminal. Tabriz usually gives seminars to fresh ‘white hat hackers’, working to protect the search engine. In her first class, she asks students how they would hack into a vending machine for chocolate without using technology, according to a Daily Mail report.

Hobbies: When Parisa isn’t turning young female programmers into respectable hackers, she’s somewhere making gelatos and climbing rocks.


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