She Secures is aimed at bringing together more women in cyber security from academia, research and industry for sharing of knowledge/experience, networking and mentoring.

We engage young girls and after grads and those looking at making a career switch through digital and cyber security training, meetup sessions, Cyber Security Hackathons, and internship opportunities. In the nearest future we plan to organize annual conferences. She Secures strongly believes in community engagement, encouragement and support for women in cybersecurity.

About the Sponsorship

Sponsorship is an extremely great way to showcase your organization in front of a group of up and coming cyber security and technology professionals. There are various packages to suit each one’s budget.

With your sponsorship and support, your organization has a great opportunity to showcase your support for diversity in the cybersecurity workforce, your commitment to the success of technical women, and to recruit the bright young minds of tomorrow. Partnership opportunities are available at different levels for corporate partners, as well as academic and non-profit organizations.

Why consider becoming a “She Secures” Sponsor?
  1. Opportunity to influence and attract/retain top cybersecurity talent
  2. Opportunity to build meaningful and lasting relationships with students, mentors and members of academia, government and industry
  3. Opportunity to promote organization and cyber/computing program
  4. Increased visibility in the community
  5. Demonstrated commitment to diversity
ALL Sponsoring benefits include the following: What Can I Sponsor or Support?
  • SheSecures Bootcamp: A  free 3 days hands-on training on cybersecurity for young women across various cities in Africa. Sponsorship for this bootcamp is per participant and covers all logistics needed for the programme. This sponsorship puts your organization, brand or product in front of a growing global cybersecurity audience.
  • Internship and Workplace Opportunities: Organizations with internship openings and entry level positions can support the SheSecures Initiative by providing members who have successfully completed the intensive bootcamp sessions and passed their test-of-knowledge. This sponsorship puts your organization, brand or product in front of a growing global cybersecurity audience.
  • Event Sponsorships give premier recognition to sponsors of a specific event held throughout the year. These events include  quarterly meetups, community awareness campaigns, school outreach programs, conferencesSeminars, and a host of other events.
  • Annual Sustaining Sponsorships are year-long sponsorships that puts an organizations brand and product in front of a growing national cybersecurity audience. These options allow for the most visibility of your brand through promotional materials and significant recognition at all SheSecures events
  • Venue Sponsors provide a venue and other services for SheSecures meetings or events.

To become a sponsor kindly leave us an email at info@shesecures.org