As part of SheSecures goal, we are striving to see that more women from Africa are giving opportunities to stand with their counterparts globally as information & Cybersecurity professionals.  We Also want more women to be employable in this field. For this reason we are so excited to bring you the very first Cybersecurity BOOT CAMP in Nigeria. Tell your friends, sisters and of cos your girl friends.

After this Boot camp you should be able to kick start your First internship or your first job  in Infosec and CyberSecurity.

Applications Are Now Open for SECURES BOOTCAMP  Cohort #1 – Lagos! Click on this Link To Apply!

We would accept applications from Women alone!!!


1: Apply online, Click here 

2: Fill out the form and submit

3: Wait for Skype interview

4: Welcome to She Secures Boot camp. Cant wait to meet you!


*Space is LIMITED”.

Saturday 7th April, 2018   8am – 5pm

Sunday 8th April, 2018   12pm – 5pm

APPLICATION CLOSES: March 31st, 2018.

To be communicated to successful applicant

What you will learn

  1. Introduction to Cybersecurity/Information security
  2. DarkWeb, Anonymous call, messaging, email and browsing.
  3. Setting up Virtual Machine and Kali Linux.
  4. Google hacking 
  5. Stenography: hiding secret message.
  6. Forensic: There is a need to identify, preserve and recover digital information, you would learn how to recover data from files.
  7. Web Application Penetration Testing: There are so many flaws in websites, you would learn how these attacks are structured.
  • Finding sub domains with open source intelligence.
  • Cross site scripting
  • SQL login bypass
  • Distributed Denial of Service

1. A Woman who is 18 years and above.
2. A Woman who is completing or have completed University or Higher Education.
3. A Woman who has a strong academic background.
4. A Woman who is interested in starting a career in Cybersecurity.

Do I need to know how to code to be able to participate?

No! you don’t, just have the zeal to learn and be interested in Cybersecurity.

What should i bring Along?

Come with your Laptop, and leave some space in your stomach.

Is there a Laptop requirement?

Yes, your laptop should be at least 4GB RAM, with any Intel Processor, but higher processors are recommended.

Would there be Accommodation and Transport arrangements?

Unfortunately we do not have such arrangements.

We are very quick to reply, If you have any questions about the program or you would like to sponsor, please contact us at or



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