Tips to learn from Nina’s Instagram hack and how you can protect your Instagram account from hackers.


Nina Chinonso Onyenobi, third runner up from Big Brother Nigeria 2018, a brand influencer and entrepreneur. Her Instagram account got hacked on Saturday, 24th November. The attacker has used her platform to expose sensitive information and requested for the sum of 900 thousand Naira in other to release the account. Stay tuned and learn how to protect your Instagram account.

How to protect your Instagram account.

  1. Use 2FA on Instagram. 
  2. Don’t use passwords that contain your user name or passwords that can be easily guessed.
  3. If you have more than one account, use different passwords.
  4. Only allow access to trustworthy third party apps.
  5. Ensure you do not post sensitive information about yourself.
  6. Note that hackers would send phishing mails to the emails on your bio, do not click on links you are not sure of, and always verify the senders addresses and make sure they are legit.
  7. Always log out from your account when you use a shared or public device.

How to set up 2FA on Instagram

Instagram has a security feature to protect it’s users. You can either use an authentication app or text message. 

To use an Authentication app

  • Download an authentication app
  • Open Instagram and go to settings.
  • scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Copy the Instagram key.
  • Open the authentication app.
  • Click on enter code manually. 
  • Enter the secret key and the account name as Instagram.
  • Click finish.

To use text message

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication.
  3. Add the phone number you would like to receive your secrete code.
  4. Enter the confirmation code that was sent

we know there are a whole lot of steps in protecting your Instagram account, comment down below some of your best tips. Click here for steps in protecting your personal information.


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