In the spirit of Halloween, Don’t forget these Cybersecurity tips


Digital life comes with dangers in the daily online landscape but there are straightforward and effective ways to protect yourself with our Halloween inspired Cybersecurity tips.


halloween cybersecurity tips

A zombie is a computer that a remote attacker has accessed and set up to use device resources, extort money from victims and steal financial or personal information to other computers on the Internet. Attackers typically exploit multiple computers to create a botnet also known as a zombie army.

Tips to prevent a Zombie attack

  1. Ensure that your antivirus software updates automatically.
  2. Only click on links from trusted sites.
  3. Always update OS and patches.
  4. Avoid downloading from untrusted sites.


halloween cybersecurity tips

Spyware is an unwanted software that gathers information about a person or organization sometimes without their knowledge, monitors your internet activity, tracking your login and password information, and spying on your sensitive information without your consent.

Tips to prevent spyware attack

  1. Use an anti-spyware.
  2. Be careful of ads that prompts unexpectedly.
  3. Note that most apps are not free, you may be paying be agreeing to receive targeted adds that monitor your online activities.


halloween cybersecurity tips

Vampires are not just monsters in legends and stories that suck blood to survive. Online banking Trojan can suck cash out of your accounts. It tricks you to downloading what seems to be harmless and then acts up in clearing up your account balance. Cybercriminals are more interested in this type of attack because it is more profitable.

Tips to prevent Online banking trojan attack

  1. Learn to identify social engineering like phishing emails and fake websites.
  2. Use a safe browser when doing online shopping or banking.
  3. Use a password manager since most Trojan use key-logger to steal passwords.


Cybercriminals come up with sophisticated attack like ghostware that enters into a system, completes its mission, then disappears without leaving a trace. What makes it scaring is the fact that it look for ways to erase all traces before security measures detect that systems have been compromised.

halloween cybersecurity tips

Tips to prevent ghostware attack

  1. Use antivirus software
  2. Keep software uptodate 
  3. Be mindful when installing new software.


halloween cybersecurity tips

Computer worms can stand-alone and replicate themselves with out having to attach on to an existing program. This makes it very easy for the computer worm to spread to other computers connected to the same network.

Tips to prevent worm attack

  1. Avoid downloading software from untrusted sites
  2. Run regular malware and virus scan.
  3. Implement device control.

Please feel free to comment below more Halloween themed threats.

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