Full List of Cyber Security Conferences in Africa


Hi Ladies, we know how exciting and overwhelming it is trying to keep up with various cyber security events from hackathons, to seminars, and conferences. So we decided to do all the googling and bring you the best of the very best out there straight to your devices.

Here’s a list of some of the cyber security conferences in africa, if not all.

  1. Hackcess Conference  (Nigeria)

HackCess CyberSecurity Conference is a yearly event that takes place in Africa’s largest nation-Nigeria. HackCess CyberSecurity Conference seeks to address the different shades of hacks in this part of the globe, hence promoting cyber security, strategies and awareness.

HACKCESS Cyber Security Conference which is a combination of conferences and exhibition, creates a unique business opportunity like no other to corporate organizations and other IT Professionals to address the burning IT security issues prevalent in our environment.

2. CysecNg Conference (Nigeria)

Our non-profit initiative is sponsored and supported by Government agencies and industry partner organisations aims to provide an all-encompassing platform for IT security in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

It attempts to Identifying Nigeria’s next generation of cyber security professionals, connecting Nigeria’s best and brightest to the cyber security industry and to create greater awareness on the imminent threat of Cybercrime faced by all stakeholders; in so doing, get more people involved in the process of thinking, working, and paying greater attention to national and global Cyber security trends and challenges.

3. CyberCon Africa (Johannesburg)

The extreme vulnerability of all sectors in Africa to cyber attack has called for public/private partnerships to strategically deal with all types of cyber threats: cybercrime, cyber espionage and cyber warfare.

Following on the success of previous events, we encourage you to attend the 5th Annual CyberCon Africa Conference taking place on the 16th/17th October 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

 4. NaijaSecCon

Nigeria Cybersecurity Conference (NaijaSecCon) is Nigeria’s first of its kind 100% annual technical Cyber security Conference that uniquely merges information about the latest and relevant threats from a Nigerian context with live technical demonstrations and hands-on workshops.

NaijaSecCon is planned to attract over 500 cybersecurity professionals from various industries including Financial Services, Insurance firms, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, conglomerates, Tech Start-ups, Financial Technology (FinTech) companies, other privately-held organizations and also government Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs)

The first edition of NaijaSecCon held in Lagos on 4th May 2017 and was the highest-rated technical cybersecurity gathering held to date. A vast range of people were in attendance from including national and global Information Security practitioners, enthusiasts, evangelists, penetration testers, crypto-crackers, reverse-engineers, digital forensics analysts, and of course 3lit3 h4ck3r5 in Nigeria.


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