She Secures is an organization registered in Lagos, Nigeria; for women professionals and enthusiasts in cybersecurity. Through this initiative, She Secures strives to build awareness in cybersecurity and information security, engage existing professionals in knowledge sharing and mentorship to guide ladies interested in being a part of this disruptive field, as well as building Cyber Savvy Kids in Africa..

Our overall aim is to actively grow our community so more young African women in information & cyber security can be put on the global Map while providing them a vibrant platform to learn, bond and thrive, whether as hobbyist or professionals in the field.  We also want to ensure kids are less vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks. The more kids learn, communicate with friends, and collaborate on other materials without supervision, it increases the chances of them making dangerous online decisions like clicking on ads and giving out private and sensitive information unknowingly. Kids also have a chance to explore topics in Web Development and Cyber Security like Forensics, Cyber Games and Puzzles , Social Media Security , Dealing with Cyber Bullies, Dealing with Cyber Stalkers, Crypto games,  Protecting your PII and more.